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Pre-IPOs, IPOs, SPACs, Unicors and Startup Seed Investments - these are the finacial vehicles used by the elite qualified investor-class to 2x, 10x or 20x their money. Traditionally, access to IPOs before they're traded on the public market has been reserved for large institutional investors.

With Apollo HQA you get granted exclusive access to invest directly in pre-IPOs, IPOs, secondaries and placements by public companies with a geographic focus on the Asia Pacific region. We are faciliating qualified individuals to participate in these opportunities on a level playing field with the institutional and large cap investors.

Apollo HQA is changing a two-hundred year old system that has excluded most people

We are working side by side with our partners to provide our clients with a easy way to invest and profit from alternative assets, early-stage, pre-IPO and IPO investments. These asset classes have been till now restricted to funds and selected angel investors.

Low minimum investment

Private markets are known to price people out, and favor institutional investors. Apollo HQA has made it such that you can start with small investment amount.
Fiduciary advisor
Fiduciary Financial Advisor

True Fiduciary Advisory

Our advisors will review your portfolio and use a rule-based investment approach supported by AI-based algorithms to determine ideal asset allocation & create tailor-made portfolios.

You pay us when your investment turns positive

Our fee-structure is transparent and fixed. You pay only when your investment generates a positive return.
Profit and Loss Statement

No lock-ups

Private markets can be illiquid. Through our partner-network we provide you with to private market and OTC exchanges and you have the freedom to cash out anytime.

Lead Your Ship

Investors have the choice to build their own multi-asset strategy with the help of our analysts, and the quant algorithms and advisory tools on offer. You can switch between self-managed and fully-managed strategies anytime.
Assets allocation

Fully-Discretionary Mandates

Compliance-approved mandates authorized by over 20 major law and accounting firms.
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About Us

Apollo Heuristic Quantitative Advisers – Apollo HQA is a world-leading fiduciary wealth advisory institution based in London, United Kingdom.
We provide a wide array of wealth management solutions curated and tailored for sophisticated high net worth and first time investors.
Powered by an unparalleled combination of investment professionals and quantitative, mathematical and statistical methods deployed via proprietary algorithms, Apollo HQA focuses on providing personalized products and unbiased advice.

Founded over two decades ago, in 1999, we have organically grown to be one of the leading players in the Asia Pacific pre-IPO and IPO market.
Our network of partners includes some of the most prolific serial-entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Asia.
The firm’s board of advisors is joined by some of the top pioneers in the Chinese and Asian private equity market.


Our track record includes blockbuster IPO deals – Alibaba, Tencent and New Century Healthcare.